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Terms and conditions - the Internet website of Host Up

 1. Recitals

These Terms and Conditions define the rules for the users which use the information and services offered at the Host Up website, henceforth called the "Website"/ The users of the contents and services available at the Website agree with these Terms and Conditions and are hold liable to respect the European law.
The published contents, services and technical service of the Website is the sole liability of Host Up Sp. z o.o. seated at Chwaszczyńska 194 in Gdynia, Poland, henceforth referred to as the "Operator". All remarks and reports about breach of these Terms and Conditions must be sent to the Operator's address. The Operator reserves their right to change these Terms and Conditions. All changes become valid when posted on the Website.

2. Protection of intellectual property

The copyrights for the contents published on the Website belong to the Operator and the entities which agree to publish their material on the Website pursuant to separate agreements with the Operator. All texts, images, pictures, sounds, videos and other material available at the Website, as well as their selection, layout and graphical design are copyright protected.
The materials at the Website can be used under the Creative Commons license, version 3.0 (Attribution-NonCommercial-NonDerivativeWorks). It means that:
It is allowed to: copy, distribute and playback the materials
Under the following terms and conditions:
  • Attribution (BY) - the materials must be labelled as defined by the Author or Licensor;
  • Noncommercial (NC) - do not use these contents for commercial purpose;
  • No Derivative Works (ND) - do not change, transform or create new work basing on these contents.
With the awareness of:
  • Disclaimer - each of these conditions may be overruled if a consent is acquired from the copyright owners.
  • Public Domain - if a work or any parts thereof belong to the Public Domain pursuant to an applicable law, the license does not affect this legal status whatsoever.
  • Other rights - the license does not affect the following rights whatsoever:
    • Those authorisations resulting from approved use or any other valid limitations or copyright exceptions;
    • Personal copyrights of the author;
    • Potential third party rights to the work or its use, e.g. image right or privacy rights.
  • Note - re-use of the work or its redistribution is allowed following the presentation of the license to this work.
The full text of the Creative Commons 3.0 BY-NC-ND can be found here.

3. Using the services and contents of the Website

Using the services and contents of the Website is free of charge. The Website users may create a private account which grants full access to the available contents and services.
By creating an account the user confirms they have read the contents of these Terms and Conditions and agrees with it completely. The user is liable for using the services and contents available at the Website in accordance with the European law and these Terms and Conditions. The user shall abstain from any actions harmful to the operation of the Website.
If the user account is used in breach of these Terms and Conditions, or in the event of submitting false information during registration, the account may be deleted.
The Operator reserves their right to periodically suspend the operation of any account without prior notice. The Operator reserves their right to suspend or cease to render the selected services available at the Website. The users are not entitled to any claims with respect to the above.
The Operator reserves their right to shut down an account if they deem it justified. The user is not entitled to any claims due to temporary suspension of the account operation or its shutdown.
The access to selected Website services may be chargeable and require payment. The users who wish to gain access to such services will be informed about the scope of access, payment fees and the method of settlement.

4. Exemption of liability

The Operator makes every effort to ensure that the contents available at the Website are up to date and of high quality. The Operator shall not be held liable for:
  • inaccurate or obsolete information posted on the Website;
  • the method in which the users use the services and contents available at the Website.
The Operator shall make every effort to ensure proper performance of the Website and is liable for supporting the user to remedy the problems related to the use of the Website user account, on the proviso that the Operator is not liable for any damage resulting from improper performance of the Website or sharing access information to third parties in any form.