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The privacy policy at websites

Host Up respects your privacy. The purpose of this document is to show you that we care for privacy protection of all individuals - the customers who entrust us with their data and the Internet users who just visit our website.
This privacy policy defines how we collect information from our customers and visitors on this website, what information is collected and what we do with it next. Having read the policy you will be able to decide whether you should entrust us with your personal data or not.
Sending private information through the website or with any other media implies consent for our use of the data collection techniques defined herein.

1. What information do we collect and how?

The information we collect can contain your first name and surname, contact information, IP addresses and the contents of telephone conversations.
We may collect confidential information in the following ways:
  • via e-mails or written letters, telephone conversations, Internet forms or other media;
  • we use, among the other, cookies to collect private information about the visitors at our website;
  • via third parties.

Visiting the website

You can visit our website in the following ways:
  • by a web browser at the address;
  • via the ads displayed on third-party websites;
  • using the hyperlinks contained in e-mail messages.
When you visit our website our servers log your IP address, date, time and duration of your visit broken into your views of individual subpages.
If you visit our website by clicking a paid advertisement (which includes paid links sponsored by various portals or search engines) or a hyperlink in an e-mail, we will capture some information which will tell us which link you have used to do so.
If you visit our website by clicking a free link, e.g. at free sources such as search engine results or non-sponsored hyperlinks at other web pages, we can verify the source on which you found our website.
We may also obtain certain information about the configuration of your computer, e.g. the version of your operating system and browser.
We probably will upload a cookie to your hard drive during your visit at our website. Cookies are unique alphanumerical identifiers which help us verify the number of guests at our website.
The cookies are not executable files nor can they be used to inject malicious software into your system - they contain simple text data.
Our cookies cannot be read by any other servers and no private information can be acquired from them - they are just an identifier used in communication with you and serve as a means of improving the quality of services offered at our website.
If you do not want to accept cookies, you can block them by applicably configuring your web browser. Please remember that doing so may make use of our website (and other websites) more difficult.

Links to other websites

We may place links to third-party websites on our website - for your comfort and information. The privacy policies enforced at these websites may differ from ours and is not controlled by Host Up. We encourage you to study the privacy policies of other companies prior to sending them your data.

Sensitive data

We will not consciously and purposefully collect or store the following information:
  • Your health;
  • Your race and origin;
  • Political views;
  • Religious and philosophical beliefs;
  • Other sensitive information.

Child privacy protection

Our services are not intended for or addressed at persons under the age of 18 years. We will not consciously and purposefully collect or store information about any individuals under the age of 18 years.

2. For what do we use the collected information?

Personal data

We may use your personal data/information to perform the ordered service tasks, process orders, send products and services, commission payments, communicate with you in relation to the access to secure zones of our website, services which might be of your interest and to develop ourselves and improve our offers and services.
We also use this information and data to detect and prevent fraudulent attempts, block any attempts of abusing our website and to allow third parties to perform their technical, logistic and other functions on our behalf.

Financial and credit card information

We may ask our visitors to supply their credit card number or bank account information to process orders for the services offered by Host Up. The financial information transmitted via our website are encrypted to ensure their confidentiality.
The collected transaction data will not be disclosed to anyone not directly involved in its processing. The information may be encrypted and stored for logging in accordance to valid legal regulations.
Credit card numbers are used only to process payments.

Information about our site usage

The information about the visist to our website, or website usage information, are used only to measure the interest with our website, develop our website and create marketing plans.
  • We use the collected IP addresses of our visitors to help diagnose problems with our servers and manage our websites.
  • We use cookies to identify those visitors returning to our website. For example, if we register 1000 visits on our website daily, we can use the cookies to check how many of these visits were made using the same web browser (which implies a returning users).
We can also use the cookies to:
  • Check the purpose of visit to our website;
  • Adjust the content and advertisement to your interests (to avoid repeated display of the same ads);
  • Collect anonymous statistical data to let us understand how the users use our website, which allows us to improve its structure (although we cannot identify anyone with this information).
We use the information sent to us by e-mails, forms and other forms of communication to offer the services you may be interested in. If you have not been explicitly informed that a phone call is recorded, this implies that our phone calls are not recorded, but we may introduce the information supplied by phone to our systems for the purposes defined in this section.

3. Disclosure of personal information

Disclosure of information to third parties

We collect personal information for company use only and we do not allow disclosure of it outside of Host Up (except for the third parties which render services on behalf of Host Up, however in such cases the only disclosed information is that required to perform specific actions and no third party is allowed to use it to any other end) - unless we are authorised by you to disclose such information.
In case of a breach in the terms of our service terms and conditions or if we are obliged to disclose or share personal information due to a legal obligation, we may disclose such information to an authorised body. This may include the exchange of information with other companies and organisations for protection against fraudulent operations and reduced credit risk. Specifically, we may disclose such information to third parties if we consider the disclosure a lawful act for the protection of rights and security of other persons, to aid in the enforcement of frauds, spam or other undesired actions.
We may forward the collected information third parties in order to enable the third party in question to perform services at the company, provided that the third party agreed on applying at least the same privacy protection level as the one defined in this Privacy Policy and is authorised to use the information only to render services for us.
Should we ever transfer the ownership of this company, the information about you Internet visits and all related information may be transferred along with the transferred assets.
If we wish to forward your contact information or private information to third parties in any other circumstances than the ones mentioned, we will notify you in advance to let you withdraw the permission given to us for data processing.

4. Withdrawal of the consent for personal data processing

At any moment you may withdraw your consent for our use of your personal information by serving us an applicable notice by e-mail. We will return or destroy your personal data within 5 days from serving the withdrawal notice.

5. How safe are the data collected by us?

Host Up has obliged itself to use the best industry practices and all security means to prevent loss, misuse and change of entrusted data. We exercise various security means to protect the data collected by us, depending on the type of information. The means include but are not limited to encryption, firewalls and access control.
The information about visitors is encrypted for transmission while our databases are only accessible to personnel who have made themselves liable to maintain confidentiality and with valid non-disclosure agreements signed with Host Up.

6. Changes

Our company is continuously developing, which means that our Privacy Policy may also develop. Please visit us frequently to learn about the latest changes.
We guarantee that we will never change the policy in a way which might reduce the level of protection of the personal data collected in the past. If not stated otherwise, the Privacy Policy applies to all information we have collected about you.
This Privacy Policy was last updated on June 1 2010.