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Additional services at

A business e-mail or a group work platform is critical to your business, but you should expect more from a modern IT infrastructure. See our additional services: your business may benefit from them significantly.

Secure encrypted e-mail at Because business is often confidential

In business communication, it is important that both parties of the talks can trust each other. Trust is being certain that each of the parties is what or who they claim to be, and that the contents of the messages exchanged remains unavailable to others. This can be achieved in practice only through cryptography.

The secure e-mail at Host Up contains a bundle of solutions to provide you with trusted communication at any level - from the e-mail client to the mail server. The solutions act as a managed service which conforms to the international standards in terms of information leaks and eavesdropping prevention. You can easily digitally sign, encrypt and decrypt the messages with Microsoft Outlook, with a single click.


€6,90 + VAT /each

Setup €6,90 /each

 Major features of the secure mail offered by Host Up:

  • Use of standard encryption solutions such as a Public Key Infrastructure and S/MIM and X.509 certificates, which allow the parties to set up a private, confidential and discreet channel of communication;
  • The universal transmission system allows the sending of secure messages even to people who normally do not have the means to receive encrypted mail - it is delivered to them via a secure (HTTPS accessible only) website;
  • The intelligent key search releases users from the need to manage and exchange encryption keys on their own;
  • The option of managing the policies for access to encryption keys means that no single person will be able to use the keys wilfully;
  • Encryption at every communication stage means that there is not a single point where a secure message could be read by unauthorised individuals;
  • The unique and exclusive private keys guarantee the identity of the sender and the recipient - now both parties can be sure that no one tampers the contents of their correspondence.


Unified signatures and disclaimers for business e-mail

The messages sent as company's correspondence have to include an unified disclaimer and signature. Usually your employees prepare such signatures in accordance to the rules and cues set by company managers, as an effort to reach the professional look needed for visual identification of your business and provide adequate data about the company for recipients.

Unfortunately this solutions usually isn't enough to fulfill desired goals and brings additional problems in the workflow of business communication done in the Exchange enviroment. If your employee sents one message through Microsoft Outlook, another through the browser and another through the mobile device, neither of them will have unified look in their mail signatures. It could be even worse than that: these signatures may include different informations. All of this brings harm to the company image, sometimes (especially in some local legislations) can be a legal problem too.

In either case, the best possible solution would be to skip the step of independent preparation of mail signatures and disclaimers by employees and tie administration over them in the hands of one person, namely authorized mail administrator. He or she could choose one unified form of the signature from a set of predefined templates a suitable version and deploy a policy of automatic insertion of personal data, requested from the company Active Directory service.

Operations like these are possible with the Host Up system for management of the mail signatures. If you want to take care about the image of your company, through the unification of appearance of the business messages, choose this additional service.


Company Disclaimer
Personal Signature

€8,90/each monthly

€1,19 /each monthly

Setup €8,90

Setup €1,19

The Host Up system for management of the mail signatures gives you:

  • Easy, centralised configuration of signatures and disclaimers, done by the administrator on the server rather than employees workstations.
  • Integration with the Active Directory services, by automatic collection of personal data to disclaimer's template.
  • Definition of the signatures depending on sender and recipient attributes
  • Elastic signature editor, enabling pasting visual elements, facsimiles, tables, and use of different font colors and formats.
  • Support for many languages, including these with non-latin scripture.
  • Integration with unified communication system from Host Up: independently of interface (Outlook, webmail or mobile device), your signatures will be always looking in the same way.
  • Ability to add disclaimers and signatures to mail sent both to the customers and partners (on the internet) and to the other employees (in house). 

Backup and archiving: complete security of your data at

E-mails have undoubtedly become the main means of communication for the majority of companies. Your mailboxes are frequently used to store important information, much of which may be sensitive to your company, your employees and your customers. Nowadays, data and information are valuable company resources and as much important as company equipment and employees. The loss of these resources could mean the loss of hundreds of thousands - or millions - of dollars.

That is why Host Up offers you comprehensive and customized data protection services, including backup and archiving. Our services guarantee safe data storage and access for all authorised users.

What is the difference between a backup and an archive?

Contrary to common opinion, a backup is not the same as an archive. A backup consists in making a copy of the data; the copy is then safely stored and, should such need arise, the data can be quickly recovered.

The archiving process is simply moving the data from the current location to an archive, no copy is left in current use. Older and less frequently used data is stored on low access time media such as tape streamers, while newer and more frequently processed data is archived on fast and high-performance storage carriers such as disk arrays.
To put things simply, archiving is used for secure storage of historic data, while the main purpose of backup copies ensure current data is both available and can be restored in case of a failure.


Host Up makes daily backups of your data, giving you up to two weeks to restore them following their accidental damage or deletion - without any additional costs. You can restore backup copies on your own in just a few simple steps, because the backup system will store all deleted messages and attachments for 14 days before it deletes them permanently.

Should any failure occur, backup recovery is immediately performed by a Host Up specialist.


For an additional fee we offer you the option of archiving newer and more frequently processed data on fast and high-performance disk arrays, which can be accessed within your mailbox through Outlook, Outlook Web Application launched in a web browser or with an e-mail client installed on a cell phone. Older and less frequently processed data are kept on magnetic tapes. Host Up offers archiving of files, mail systems and group work for as long as 5 years. We guarantee that your archives and backup copies will be maintained with the greatest care. We apply the most stringent security standards and conform to the international ISO 27001 standard.

Our message archiver automatically fetches and copies every e-mail and attachment - that is why you will never lose your e-mails. The service also ensures a simple, time-effective e-mail search engine which allows you to find messages by any combination of search criteria, such as year, date, keywords or attachment filenames. The archiver also includes an easy to use deleted-mail recovery mechanism. This makes it possible to access messages after the original copies have already been deleted from the Exchange mailbox.
Advantages of our archiving system:
  • Full integration: the archiving technology at Host Up automatically saves all incoming, outgoing and internal e-mails in a single repository, which is integrated with the Hosted Exchange service.
  • Ease of access: users may easily view, organise, print, download and reply to all current or older e-mails.
  • Privacy and confidentiality: the archive system offers an individual sign-in system, which provides each employee with secure access to their e-mail messages.
  • Archiving of older mail: it is also possible to secure e-mails which were created before the archiving service was launched.
  • Spam filtering: it is possible to configure the filters for displaying or ignoring spam mail.


Online Access
Message Mirror
Compliant Archiving

7,50/each monthly

€32,90/each monthly

€32,90/each monthly

Size 1 GB

Size 2GB


Setup 6,90

Setup 32,90

Setup 32,90


Compliant Archiving

Some types of business are burdened with special requirements for data security and protection, and advanced authentication settings has been designed to meet such regulations. The message archiver used in our system reduces your liability for those e-mails sent through your e-mail system. The services included in the comprehensive archiving services and compliance settings of check your e-mails for conformity with current procedures and regulations.

It is possible, thanks to the WORM archiving (Write Once, Read Many) with record verification, to ensure the integrity and authenticity of e-mail messages. This system allows you to implement a multi-layer monitoring system. You can use it to search for important e-mails and flag them with the following methods:
  • Real time scanning by keywords or phrases (we supply the suggested words list);
  • Constant filtering by various search criteria; 
The reviewer (usually the owner or a manager) may immediately download a flagged e-mail message for review to assess its authenticity and choose the proper authentication action.

Major features of the authentication settings:
  • Access to advanced control and monitoring functions via any web browser;
  • Automatic flagging of e-mails with the use of keyword scanning or specific phrase search;
  • Review of full e-mails and attachments, or quick header display mode - virtually without any delays;
  • Scanning of all or specific incoming, outgoing and internal e-mails for keywords;
  • Reviewer's access to the e-mail history log panel;
  • Detailed history logs for every e-mail message, which include a history of views and other e-mail related actions.



DirectoryLink: combining your company's Active Directory with the Active Directory service in a hosted environment

Many people use Active Directory for their companies. Its is a catalogue service created by Microsoft, a hierarchical database which represents the users of local network and its resources. Active Directory lets system administrators precisely manage network devices, while the users are provided with data protection with guaranteed access control (safe sign-in mechanism), and fault tolerance.


Directory Link

€2,49/each monthly
(at least €199)

Setup €199

When your business mail is moved to the Host Up servers, you may notice that the internal Active Directory structure has no connection with the hosted environment. You can change this - if your company needs to integrate its in-house catalogue service with the Exchange-based business mail, we can offer you a solution called DirectoryLink.




DirectoryLink is a tool designed to synchronise the contents of folders of the Active Directory service running at your enterprise with Active Directory running in the hosted environment. This solution simplifies user management and unifies password and password policy management for local and hosted application - this in turn simplifies the work of your administrators.


Resource Mailbox: invite your projector to a meeting with the Exchange mail

It is a common story in many companies: when one work group needs a projector for a presentation during a meeting, it is already in use by another group. This also applies to company rooms, vehicles and other resources. How can such chaos be avoided and use of company propertyoptimised?

We offer you an excellent Exchange server feature called Resource Mailbox. It resembles the mailboxes used by your employees; however, it has both limitations and extra potential which can be used to reserve company equipment, vehicles and rooms.

With Resource Mailbox, each such object in an enterprise has its own shared calendar for making reservations. This allows system users to easily reserve rooms, vehicles and equipment. The simple interface allows every employee to view all company resources and determine what is available at any given time.


Resource Mailbox

€4,19 /each monthly

Size 512 MB

Setup €2,59


There are two Resource Mailbox types available:
  • Room Mailbox - these is used for physical locations, e.g. conference rooms, auditoria or training rooms.
  • Equipment Mailbox - these is used for property without a defined location, such as portable computers, audio-video devices or vehicles.
Now you will never face the situation where your employees do not know how to host a meeting or use a company car because it is already taken. Now the resource usage will be as effective as possible.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server at  access to the Exchange mailbox via BlackBerry mobile devices

Host Up understands how important information access is to your employees. Unlimited access to the company data stored in the Exchange mailbox is required by many people, even on business trips, during which a cell phone is sometimes the only available point of contact.

That is why we offer you BlackBerry Enterprise Server, by Research in Motion, as a managed additional service hosted by our company. The technology combines your business e-mail servers, e.g. Microsoft Exchange, for active forwarding of mail (Push E-mail), contact information and calendars shared between servers, personal computers and BlackBerry mobile devices.

Implementing the BlackBerry Enterprise Server on your own is no mean task in terms of both finance and technology, and only the largest enterprises undertake it. It is accompanied by significant expenditures incurred for licenses and hardware, as well as the need to employ specialist administrators. That is why a better solution for smaller enterprises is to use a hosted service which connects your Exchange mailbox with BlackBerry wireless devices.

What this means in practice is that all data from the Exchange server - e-mails, calendars, contacts and folders with shared files - are always accessible via BlackBerry devices with unlimited access from anywhere and at any time. All of this is available at a low monthly charge, a fraction of the costs you would have to incur to deploy the system on your own and then administer and maintain it.

The hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server service is designed for users of our business e-mail service - the hosted Exchange. To use the service, you will need:
  • an applicable subscription service purchased from a mobile telecommunication provider (e.g. Plus GSM, Era GSM or Orange), which offers adequately high data transfer limits (must be purchased individually);
  • BlackBerry devices.

Learn more from our offer for mobile devices.

Hosted Exchange for Apple computers: business e-mail at available also for Mac

Now you can use the Exchange mail for Apple computers! Since MacOS X Snow Leopard has support for Exchange Server, you can use Apple computers at your company for business communication - just as you would use a Windows PC. All you need is the applicable Apple software (i.e. Mail, iCal, Address Book) or Microsoft suites (Entourage).

Here are the hosted Exchange benefits for the MacOS X users:
  • Free Microsoft Entourage 2008 mail client (the counterpart of Microsoft Outlook);
  • Sharing of calendars and contacts with other Exchange users;
  • Shared public folders for work groups;
  • Synchronisation of calendars;
  • Multiple mailbox support;
  • Support for Apple Mail, iCal and Address Book;
  • Technical support rendered by Apple technology specialists.
There is more - we also offer Exchange mailboxes for the users of the extremely popular iPhone. If you have an Apple cell phone, you can:
  • Connect with the Exchange mailbox;
  • Send e-mails, contacts and scheduled events via Push (just like text messages);
  • Use the global address list;
  • Benefit from the technical support rendered by Apple technology specialists.

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