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The ISO/IEC 27001 certificate: How does Host Up guarantee international security standards for your data

Every hosting company can say they offer security to their customers. But not every one can prove it. At Host Ut we go beyond such declarations. We know how important it is to know that your data is kept safe. That is why we have passed the arduous and long process of the ISO/IEC 27001 certification, demonstrating that Host Up meets the international standards of data security and protection.

What is the ISO/IEC 27001 certificate?

 Virtually every IT enterprise has a data security and protection policy. However the terms of this protection are usually created without much thought or are based on a collection of inconsistent guidelines, the performance of which is not strict. The responsibilities are unclear, problem management procedures are obscure or nonexistent and it is unknown how to protect every resource - not just those that the makers of company policy happened to imagine.

This is why the International Standardisation Organisation has worked out a set of guidelines, which include all the good practices in data security and protection. Their implementation in companies and organisations enable a multi-level system of procedures to guarantee that no data security aspect will be missed and that all potential emergencies will be remedied as effectively as possible.
ISO requires the following from the companies and organisations applying for the international safety compliance certificate:
  • to design and implement a comprehensive and consistent information security control and risk management system to fend off unacceptable risks;
  • to implement management procedures which will guarantee uninterrupted performance of the information security system;
  • to systematically assess ongoing threat levels by analysing all attacks, weak points or natural disasters.
All of this is performed in eleven areas defined by ISO and which affect data security in enterprises and organisations. These are:
1.    Security policy
2.    Data security organisation
3.    Asset management
4.    Human resource security
5.    Physical and environmental security and safety
6.    System and network management
7.    Access control
8.    Operational continuity management
9.    Acquisition, development and maintenance of IT systems
10. Data security incident management
11. Compliance with company standards and law

Host Up had to pass a strict audit to receive ISO data security compliance certification. The audit consisted of an in-depth analysis of our security and risk management system documentation, performed by independent auditors, who then demonstrated that the system has been properly designed and implemented to provide the highest level of data security in all of the eleven ISO-defined potential hazard areas surveyed by the auditors.

Issue of ISO 27001 certification does not mean that we can stop caring. ISO auditors will frequently verify whether our system continues to conform to the requirements of the international standards.

What benefits does acquiring ISO/IEC 27001 certification bring?

Getting ISO 27001 certification is not just about acquiring some "paper". It translates into measurable benefits for Host Up:

  • we have gained the evidence that we guarantee real security, and this evidence is recognised by third parties;
  • we have gained a competitive edge - the quality of our services has been certified by a globally recognised authority;
  • we have lowered our costs and prices through an optimised security management structure;
  • we have made security an integral part of our business processes;
  • we have made our employees profoundly aware of security issues;
  • we have guaranteed the continuity of our business operations by conforming to world-class standards.
All of these advantages work for our customers too. They give you a basis to entrust us with your mission critical data.