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Hosted Exchange e-mail services at

Host Up is a business-class e-mail service provider based on the Microsoft Exchange server. Our experience with IT tools for business and institutions allows us to offer you a reliable and secure technical platform for all of your business communication demands.

We deliver hosted Exchange business e-mail for large enterprises and SMEs, with communication and workgroup tools at a reliability level usually reserved for the biggest players on the market. The cost of the service is just a small fraction of the total costs of using traditional business IT tools, i.e. purchase of hardware and software licenses, implementation and training.

The highest level of training of our administrators is certified by Microsoft, ensuring that we can effectively manage e-mail systems while our risk management procedures (also certified to SAS 70 Type II) prevent all potential problems.

We offer a 24/7 technical helpdesk and the Service Level Agreement at 99.9%. Host Up also provides all the necessary tools for the management and administration of e-mail and workgroup systems at your company.


Microsoft Hosted Exchange services

Size Unlimited
Free Outlook*
SLA 99,9%
Multiple Data Centers
Setup $2.9/each
Size 25GB
Free Outlook*
SLA 99,9%
Multiple Data Centers
Setup $2.9/each

*or $1 less without Outlook

You can enjoy the advantages of an Exchange 2010 e-mail server without investing in the hardware infrastructure - the server can be remotely accessed via a secure encrypted connection from your company or anywhere else in the world that your business takes you. Our Exchange e-mail service includes the full Microsoft Exchange e-mail functionality with added services your staff needs in terms of for secure e-mail exchange and effective group work. 


Here are the most important features of Exchange e-mail at Host Up:

Electronic mail

Type of settlement

monthly, no charge for notice

Control panel


OWA / POP3 / IMAP4 / MAPI(Outlook) / Mobile access



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Global address list (GAL)

up to 500 contacts

Common contacts / tasks / calendars


Public folder

1 top-level 50MB

Personal contacts




Distribution lists

up to 100 lists

Defined domains

up to 50 domains

The max. number of recipients of a single e-mail

up to 200 reciptiens

Attachement size

up to 35 MB

Forward messages to external account


  •  Access to your e-mails stored at the Exchange server via the e-mail client of your choice (including Outlook for Windows and Entourage for Mac OS X) or a web browser (using Outlook Web Application).

  • Downloadable free Outlook or Entourage client. Full e-mail and workgroup functionality under Microsoft Exchange 2010. Shared calendars and schedules allowing group schedules to be maintained, verifying availability of all participants to ensure problem-free scheduling of meetings.

  • Contact management: creation of shared contacts and groups on the level of the server
  • Task management: assigning tasks to co-workers and monitoring their performance. Optional features: using SharePoint for group work, posting information via RSS channels and many other functions
  • Spam and virus protection: we include an essential spam and virus protection package, which can be extended if additional protection is required
  • Full support for typical Internet protocols (MAPI, IMAP, POP, HTTP)
  • 24/7 customer service and a service level of 99.9%.
  • Team of Host Up consultants to help you configure your accounts.


Additional Services

If you require more functionality for your business e-mail, we have a range of additional services. They include advanced spam and virus protection, e-mail archiving, and data synchronisation with most smartphones and other mobile devices.

Authentication and e-mail encryption

  • Advanced authentication and e-mail encryption services designed to meet current data security standards.

Advanced spam blocking

  • Triple scanning with various antivirus engines to detect viruses, trojans, worms and other web-based threats.

  • Content filtering of incoming and outgoing mail and their attachments.

  • Protection against fraudsters phishing for confidential private data.

Mobile e-mail access

Mobile e-mail services allow you to synchronise your messages while travelling. The most mobile devices and protocols are supported, including:

  • BlackBerry mobile devices (BlackBerry Enterprise Server);

  • Windows Mobile (ActiveSync);

  • Apple iPhone (ActiveSync);

  • Nokia Symbian;

  • Google Android.

Web Conferencing and Secure Instant Messaging

Web Conferencing and Secure Instant Messaging provide e-mail with a real-time communication system, which allows instant messaging, videoconferencing and voice connections (via VoIP), both within your company and with outside contacts.

 Resource Mailbox

Resource Mailbox is used to reserve company equipment, vehicles or rooms. Each resource can have a shared calendar to make reservations. This allows system users to easily reserve what they need. The simple interface allows users to view all resources that are available at any given time.

  • Room Mailbox - these resources include physical locations such as conference rooms, auditoria and training rooms.

  • Equipment Mailbox - for reserving all other resources, such as portable computers, audio-video devices and vehicles.

Outlook Voice Access

Outlook Voice Access for playing voice e-mails with any type of phone.

 E-mail archiving

  • Advanced archiving services: designed to comply with current business and regulatory standards for the storage of archival data.

  • Simple archiving: you can increase the space in your mailbox by including an archiving folder, which provides easy access to frequently processed data.

  • Application of custom e-mail archiving rules 



Control and management

You have the power! From adding and removing users and message archiving to Blackberry synchronisation, we give you opportunities to be flexible in customizing your services to your needs.

The easy-to-use Host Up management console is accessible via a web browser, providing you with full control over your Exchange mailbox. This allows you to adapt quickly when your business requires it.

  • Quick addition and removal of mailboxes, contacts and groups
  • Editing of service and user account settings
  • Archiving (with basic and advanced options)
  • Creation, editing and removal of public folders
  • SharePoint teamwork services management
  • Adding, removing and managing of mobile devices
  • Creating and managing distribution lists
  • Sharing disk space among many users Available knowledge base

Guaranteed reliability of the hosting environment

Host Up uses advanced and stable high-accessibility servers, which are interconnected in to provide access to the integrated Exchange work environment.

This allows the Exchange servers to enable mutual sharing of functions, so that one can take over if the other fails.
  • The 64-bit software architecture is highly stable and secure. The servers are accessed over secure SSL and RPC protocols, as well as over HTTPS (even through firewalls).
  • 30 day data storage with daily backups.
  • Deleted elements can be restored up to 14 days after an incident. 

Technical support at

  • 24/7 live customer support - any problems with your Exchange mailbox can be resolved by calling our team of administrators. They are available 24 hours a day, whenever you need any help.
  • We guarantee our levels of service - and we doubt you will meet many problems. We offer a level of service of 99.9%, which translates into a maximum downtime of under 10 minutes per week!
  • Integrated support platform - by purchasing an Exchange mailbox, you also gain access to the integrated customer support platform. Our experienced consultants will help you with the initial configuration and system implementation, free of charge.


Complete business communication solutions


Meet the new solutions that will give your employees the ability to maintain non-stop communication with your customers via VoIP and mobile e-mail.
  • Business VoIP services are the high-quality alternative to costly solutions, such as company exchanges (PBX) and expensive subscription agreements. Host Up's Hostet IP-PBX service is tailored to meet the needs of small businesses. This the full potential of Internet telephone communication to be explored at a fraction of the implementation costs of previous technologies.
  • Mobile e-mail lets your employees send and receive e-mails using mobile devices - anytime and anywhere. Your employees remain connected and synchronised, whether travelling on business or visiting the customer.
  • SharePoint services allows you to exchange and share information and work with your partners, cooperators and customers via a centralised interface accessible via web browsers. SharePoint includes permanently available workspace which allows the sharing of projects, concepts, contacts, announcements, schedules and anything else your team needs. You can use your SharePoint website to host discussions, polls, share documents and task lists, which will enhance the efficiency of your company.