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A company portal: more just a webpage - thanks to the potential of the SharePoint Portal Server

Some companies settle for a regular webpage. Others need more - they want to turn their Internet 'business card' into a company portal in order to exchange and share information, as well as team work with partners, cooperators and customers.
This demand can be met with the SharePoint hosting services at Host Up. With no more than a web browser, the workspace can be used to share plans, projects, concepts, contacts, announcements, schedules and anything else your team needs. It can be used for discussions and polls, as well as to exchange documents and task lists in order to enhance the efficiency of your company.

SharePoint (MOSS 2010) with Exchange - select a space for yourself

SharePoint with Exchange
200MB $9
2GB $31
10GB $130
50GB $190
100GB $360
200GB $670

 - An unlimited number of SharePoint users are allowed on each Mint and Azure plan.
- Space is not aggregated with Exchange mailbox storage.
- In addition, must be added the cost of setup, which corresponds to the price of the selected area

SharePoint (MOSS 2010) without Exchange:

Plans to the use of space of the SharePoint does not require the purchase of Exchange.

SharePoint w/o Exchange
200MB $18
2GB $50
10GB $160
50GB $230
100GB $520
200GB $900

- An unlimited number of SharePoint users are allowed on each plan.
- Space is not aggregated with Exchange mailbox storage.
- In addition, must be added the cost of setup, which corresponds to the price of the selected area

We continue to look after you aftger you have purchased a service. Each of our suites is complemented by 33 online tutorials so you can start using the company portal as soon as possible. The tutorials will help you learn how to the use the portal, from the beginner through advanced levels.

Each service suite also has its SharePoint template system. These will allow you to build a ready-to-use website which conforms to your specific needs - taking minutes rather than days. The website templates are designed to help you best perform specific departmental and organisational functions. They enable workspaces for various organisational teams dealing with sales, marketing, accounting, production or project management.
That is not all, because if you need to connect the functionalities of SharePoint and Exchange together, Host Up has special Exchange e-mail accounts integrated with SharePoint. Users need only one set of logins and passwords to use both these services. Are you interested? If you are, discover more about the functions of a company portal based and hosted on SharePoint.

The functionality of a company portal, based on SharePoint Portal Server at  

Team Workspaces

The Team Workspaces is a working environment for your team, accesible via a web browser and able to process single or multiple tasks, projects or documents, such as required for product launches or new customer acquisition. Team members can cooperate on documents, and update them if the files are saved at the company's SharePoint website.

Administrators (and users with subpage creation rights) can generate Team Workspace pages from any compatible Microsoft Office 2010 application (i.e. Word, Excel or PowerPoint) or from a web browser.

SharePoint uses a version tracking system to help your team efficiently manage, create and edit documents. Team members can send links to other users, allowing them to view older versions of documents or deleted documents.

Meeting Workspaces

A Meeting Workspace page is a productive approach to teamwork. Visually resembling a Team Workspace page, the Meeting Workspace allow team members to manage meetings and documents with Web Parts controls and document libraries. Team members can use Microsoft Outlook 2007 to send meeting memos and invitations to other people. This automatically generates a Meeting Workspace. The Meeting Workspace can be also created with a web browser directly via the company portal. A Meeting Workspace page can be also created specifically for periodical meetings, so that team members can systematically track task and project performances.

Witrynę Meeting Workspace można też utworzyć specjalnie dla spotkań odbywających się cyklicznie, tak aby członkowie zespołu mogli na bieżąco śledzić postępy w realizacji zadań lub projektów.


Forums are where your employees can discuss team-relevant topics. For example, you can create a forum for the presentation of ongoing business and include any related discussions. Each discussion panel includes sorting, filtering, view change mode and appearance change features. The Web Discussion function of the forums allows selected comments to be attached to specific SharePoint pages or documents.


Polls allow team members and other users to be surveyed for their opinions. Polls allow users to give their opinion on meetings, new forms of sales, launching of a new product, etc. The aggregated poll results can be then viewed in a graphic form.

Notifications and alerts

SharePoint uses e-mail notifications to inform users about important events and changes introduced to specific parts of the website. For example, users may have the option of selecting whether to receive e-mail notifications concerning changes to or deletions of a document in a selected library. They may also elect to receive instant, daily or weekly reports about changes to the SharePoint page.

Document sharing

Users can browse the document library to share its contents with other team members. The libraries allow the creation of subfolders, tracking of file versions and acceptance or non-acceptance of files. The search engine can search the entire webpage for information about specific people from a contact list.

Event list

Using the event list, information about important deadlines can be added or copied to a compatible calendar.

Bulletin board

The bulletin board can be used to post news, status changes or other information. It is also possible to set the expiry date for individual posts.

Task lists

Task lists are used to assign specific tasks to specific team members, define the priority/deadline of the task and to follow its status and performance. Users can view their tasks as well as those assigned to other team members.

Contact lists

The contact lists give team members access to phone numbers, e-mail addresses or postal addresses of customers, partners and providers. The information can be copied from the address book to the contact list and back.

Image libraries

Store photos and images in the image libraries to allow other users to view the pictures as thumbnails or full-size files. An image library lets you create the company graphic repository to ensure uniform company logos and frequently used images to facilitate day-to-day activities of team members and bolster the company image.

Administrative tools

Windows SharePoint has assistance for webpage administrators:

  • Allows selected documents to be blocked in the document library to prevent sending suspicious files onto the server;

  • Allows users to be added and be given access to specific subpages;

  • Allows attribution of various rights to the users;

  • Supports regional settings, i.e. languages, time zones, currencies and international calendar settings;

  • Each screen allows access to the "Help" function.

Site Usage Tracking

Many pages are obsolete and take valuable disk space of the server and the account. The site usage tracking function lets you know how many users visit specific pages. Rarely used pages can be archived to save disk space.


You can also schedule the time within which the selected pages will be automatically deactivated, as well as monitoring the disk space usage of the server.

Working with Microsoft Office 2010

Integration with Microsoft Office 2010 allows users to perform the following tasks:

  • Open, save and send multiple files to the document libraries directly from Office suite applications;

  • Synchronise contacts between SharePoint, calendars and the applications used by the people from the contact list;

  • Create work space pages in Office applications;

  • Attach text documents, spreadsheets and presentations to e-mail messages;

  • Edit spreadsheets and database programs in spreadsheets;

  • Manage and track the progress of projects hosted at Microsoft Project 2010.

Training in the hosted SharePoint portal use - over 30 online tutorials (soon)

Each SharePoint service package features over 30 online tutorials. The tutorial will help you to use the portal and fully experience its potential and the benefits your company will gain from the SharePoint platform.
The tutorials are designed for both beginner and advanced users. The topics covered include:
1.  Overview of the SharePoint features;
2.  Libraries;
3.  Lists;
4.  Site Usage Tracking;
5.  Web Parts;
6.  User settings;
7.  Pages, websites and work spaces;
8.  Users and rights;
9.  Webpage settings.

Quick start your company portal at with SharePoint templates


You do not have to start from scratch to build your company portal! We provide 40 webpage templates to help you quickly build and personalise your SharePoint Portal Server site to suit the specific needs of your team or company.
The templates have been developed by MicroSoft and are free of charge. They have been designed to support the various specialist functions of specific departments and the company as a whole.
The templates include:
  • Teamworking and project management;
  • Accounting;
  • Sales and marketing;
  • Governmental organisations;
  • Medicine;
  • Production;
  • Retail;
  • Schools/education institutions;
  • Sports organisations.


Web Parts: easily extend the company portal with new functionalities

Web Parts is a technology developed by Microsoft which allows the implementation of special ASP.NET server controls on the SharePoint Portal Server pages. These controls allow authorised users to freely modify the contents, appearance and functions of the company portal via a web browser.
SharePoint Web Parts will let you quickly and easily develop your portal. Thanks to Web Parts you can create diverse navigation systems or complex forms, display information and build various applications without having to write any programming code - use it to let your work teams achieve their goals more effectively!
Web Part controls on Host Up allow you to:
  • quickly build advanced search interfaces;
  • display weather information and time from the largest cities around the world;
  • change the view of lists and calendar items;
  • quickly create questionnaires and manage data;
  • create menus with tabs or tree structures on any web page;
  • plan and personalise e-mail notifications;
  • edit text in full graphic mode (rich text);
  • present table data in visual forms.


Technical support at

24/7 live customer support - should you have any problems with your company portal, you can call our team of administrators any time, 24 hours a day, always.
However we doubt you will need them too often - we guarantee 99.9% access, which translates to a maximum downtime of under 10 minutes per week!
By purchasing a company portal, you also get access to the integrated customer support platform. Our experienced consultants can help you with the initial configuration and system implementation, free of charge.

Integrated SharePoint Hosting and Exchange Server at

Host Up can integrate its Exchange e-mail accounts with the SharePoint Portal Server if you require an integrated company portal and enterprise-class mail service. Users need only one set of logins and passwords to use all these services.

Dedicated SharePoint Server 2010

SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2010
(2 severs farm)
SharePoint 2010
(2 servers farm)
Installation fee $150 $150 $150
Monthly rate $1000 $2000 $3000
Size 100GB 200GB 300GB
Number of recomended users up to 200 up to 500 up to 2000
Backup at facilities level option option included
Outside visibility IIS 7.5 option included included