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Business suites: the complete solution for your company's IT needs


Sometimes single applications for business processes do not provide the performance expected from company communication. Your needs usually include a wide range of tasks and are at the same time well determined: business requires e-mail, electronic communication and group-work systems. That is why Host Up also offers Business Productivity Suites.
Business Productivity Suites is a software package designed for small and medium enterprises; they contain such systems as Microsoft Exchange 2010, Office Communications Server 2007 and SharePoint 2010. It is readily available and without costs related to implementation, initial outlays or environment maintenance.
1 mailbox  $14,95
Size Unlimited
SharePoint 2GB
Free Outlook*
Free Office Communicator
OCS 2007 Chat - Audio-Video
SLA 99,9%
Multiple data centers
Setup $9,95
* or $1 less without Outlook

What does the Business Suites contain?

This single product suite is designed to ensure advanced business communication, and it is available in several configurations. Learn more about our suites by studying the benefits they will give your company.

Microsoft Exchange 2010

The chief application available in a business suite is Microsoft Exchange 2010 - a highly-efficient e-mail server as part of a single platform featuring advanced sharing of resources and information, as well as the management over personal and shared calendars.
Information stored in the Exchange is available through the popular Outlook client included in the Microsoft Office suite, a web browser with Outlook Web and BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone, Symbian and Android cell phones, from anywhere in the world.
The advantages of the Microsoft Exchange server in the Business Productivity Suite:
  • Business-class e-mail, supporting your company domains;
  • Access delegation, allowing others to read your e-mails or send them on your behalf;
  • Private and shared contacts, calendars and tasks;
  • Shared public folders;
  • Software building tools;
  • Premium antivirus and spam protection;
  • up to 12 GB of shared space for suite applications per user;
  • Free Outlook 2010/2007 or Entourage 2008 (for MacOS X) for every user;
  • Outlook Web Application;
  • Access to a global company address list;
  • Private and shared distribution lists.

Office Communications Server 2007

Office Communications Server 2007 integrated with Exchange 2010 adds an encrypted instant messenger to the Business Suites. You can use to check which co-workers are available, chat using text with them or have audio-video conferences (with a webcam and a microphone).
Office Communications Server 2007 provides your company with:
  • Secure communication with group communication (conferences);
  • Audio-video communication between two users;
  • Communication archiving with Microsoft Outlook;
  • Real-time communication with the use of an instant messenger, MS Outlook clients, the SharePoint platform or a web browser;
  • Free instant messenger application for every system user.


Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 is an integrated application server. By providing a consistent system of information management, SharePoint helps improving efficiency of your business.It can be used to quickly create a corporate portal, providing bilateral information flow through the company hierarchy and automation of document approval, review and archiving processes.
Its template system allows employees and teams to create subpages easily, which helps in team work and project management. It also enables implementation of a document flow system in the company and integration of numerous Web applications. SharePoint extends content management through integration with popular tools, e.g. Microsoft Office.
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 provides your company with the following:
  • Secure documents storage and sharing;
  • Blogging and Wiki systems (shared document edition);
  • Application templates;
  • Project management;
  • up to 2 GB of disk space for each user.


Administrative panel

Our administrative panel gives you full control over the user accounts and settings for the applications included in the Business Suite.

The administrative panel will let you:
  • Configure predefined access rights;
  • Manage users;
  • Manage mailboxes, distribution lists and address lists, as well as wireless devices in real time;
  • Manage the disk space;
  • View the event log.

How will you benefit by choosing Business Suites?

Subscribing to a specific Business Suite at Host Up provides your company with:
  • Efficient communication No matter how many locations your company has, how far they are apart or how far your employees travel, Business Suites ensures they always remain in touch. Your employees can easily use e-mails, voice calls or instant messengers; it will also be possible to determine their availability at work and manage meeting schedules.
  • Remote access Now you do not need to carry a computer with you - you can use your smartphone to access the information stored in the Business Suites application from anywhere in the world. You do not even need access to the Internet - the Outlook 2010/2007 client lets you work offline and synchronise your work with the data on your server once you are back online.
  • Improved team work Your work teams will be able to schedule their meetings better, as well as co-edit documents and manage projects more efficiently. The use of effective workflow charts can minimise unnecessary actions.
  • scalability Business Suites are delivered by Host Up - so no need to invest in software or hardware. You can have exactly what you need for a low monthly fee. If you feel that you no longer need a solution , you can simply cancel your subscription. But if you need more, just choose a larger suite.
  • Reliable IT tools Your monthly subscription covers all software and hardware maintenance costs - they are located in top quality data centres and managed by the best specialists at Host Up. The SLA guarantees you the best service possible at a low price.