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Why choose application and service hosting?

Installation of mission-critical server architecture, purchase of licenses and training of the staff always translates into huge costs, which can pose some problems for small and medium enterprises. Is there a solution which can save money?
Naturally, the answer is yes! Applications and service hosting allow SMEs to move their Windows, Exchange or SharePoint servers to an outsourced provider, which drastically lowers the total costs of ownership and opens the potential of engaging employees in other critical business areas.
In practice, hosting of e-mail and more sophisticated applications such as ERP or CRM systems, gives access to the most updated solutions and lets you distribute your IT operating costs over time; moreover, whether the solutions are local or hosted by outsourcing is of no difference to the user.

Why Host Up?

Not all companies in the IT business can deal with hosting. The speed at which the field of IT evolves and the requirements for specific competences means that providers face the need for greater specialisation in order to provide their customers with the highest availability and flexibility of service, as well as complete data security.
The competences of our staff and frequent participation in partnership programs of such companies as Microsoft and Research in Motion (BlackBerry) allow us to meet any of our customers' requirement related to application and service hosting on the Microsoft Windows platform. We can deploy popular and ready-to-use applications such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, as well as specialist business applications based on the Microsoft .NET platform and written for our customers by third party companies.

What do we offer?

Hosting of .NET, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project and Microsoft Visio applications

The Microsoft server technologies allow us to offer the hosting of mission critical, dedicated applications written within the .NET platform, as well as the hosting of Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Project and MS Visio) through the use of ActiveX technology. This gives our customers new potential in terms of team work and data sharing with specific teams of employees.

Zero installation, update and maintenance costs

The entire program platform is operated and updated solely by our company, which means that you incur no costs for hardware, implementation and maintenance of your IT infrastructure. In practice, this translates into savings at the level of hundreds of thousand dollars.

High availability guarantee

The clear and simple terms of Host Up hosting services mean we can guarantee complete customer satisfaction. We are confident that our program and hardware platforms are reliable, which is why we do not enforce long-term contracts. We give our customers even more - should we fail in anything, we refund the money invested and help move the applications and services to our competitors.

Application cloud scalability

Thanks to the flexible nature of cloud architecture we can provide advanced scalability of our IT systems for your applications and services so you can adapt them to the development of your organisation. We can easily extend the architecture with additional servers and mass storage, making sudden increases in the computing power demand simple, while our customers do not even notice any unfavourable temporary effects of the changes. This does not result in unjustified increase in costs, because the customer pays only for what they are actually using.

Universal access

Application hosting removes the necessity of applying dedicated software assigned to specific workstations. The applications hosted by Host Up can be accessed using a web browser, from anywhere, even while you are travelling. Quality data transmission allows us to guarantee that your company data is seen only by authorised users.

Data storage and transmission security

We are perfectly aware of the dangers lurking on the internet and out in the physical world - that is why we have made every effort to properly secure our customers' data. Our data centre provides complete protection against fire, burglary, power outages or network failures. Our program platform guarantees complete data security during transmission over the Internet - we use extended SSL encryption which complies with the US Department of Defence standards.
The automatic backup system allows our customers to recover data even after accidental deletion for up to 14 days after the incident. We can store your data safely for up to 5 years.
This means that we conform to all SAS 70 Type II requirements in terms of information safety.