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10 reasons you should choose hosting at Host Up

There are many reasons for you to choose hosting with our competitors. But can you give 10 reasons? We give you the 10 reasons why it is worth choosing us.

1. Our team of experts at your service

The moment your company begins using our services, an entire staff of experts begins working for you. It will take over much of the IT department duties, letting your employees concentrate on mission-critical issues.


Why Host Up?
We employ only the best of the best, and we do everything to give them a great place to work. This allows them to fully engage themselves in the company business and satisfy our customers.

2. The latest technologies

Hosting requires the hosting provider to have the knowledge in a specific branch of IT. By concentrating their actions on this, the provider is able to keep up with technical progress. They also have the means and resources to implement and maintain the latest technologies.

Why Host Up?
We cooperate with the world leaders in commercial and open-source technologies to stay on track of the latest technologies. We also participate as a Microsoft Gold Partner and in the BlackBerry Alliance Program.

3. High availability

Continuous services are top priority for any hosting company - and on which the customers' trust depends. Ensuring high availability of services directly translates into revenues. In order to minimise the loss of customers, service providers continuously monitor the infrastructure for availability of services.


Why Host Up?
We guarantee 100% satisfaction. It is not an empty slogan - if you are not satisfied, neither are we. That is why we do not force you to sign long-term agreements. If we fail to meet your expectations, we will refund your payments and help you move your company to the competitive provider.

4. No expenses for installation and maintenance

When customers move their software tp a hosting platform, they get the ultimate in hardware, which will be continuously modernized and maintained. This means savings amounting to hundreds of thousand dollars spent on servers, disk arrays, software, modernisation and the know-how needed to maintain the solution.


Why Host Up?
You can erase the costs of equipment purchase, system implementation and maintenance from your budget. You will always use the latest hardware and software technologies managed by experienced engineers - without additional costs or hidden fees.

5. Problem-free service scaling

When a company develops, its infrastructure must develop at a faster pace. Meeting this requirement on your own is difficult and expensive. Thanks to our hardware and software resources, we can quickly and easily change the range of services. Having technologies built on a cloud architecture enables dynamic allocation of resources. This is why the customer always gets just what they need.


Why Host Up?
We are always ready to meet your demands. The flexible nature of cloud computing enables us to add more hardware to our architecture and adapt the parameters of services in a way that you do not lose anything and pay only for what you really need.

6. Automatic backup and data recovery

The hosting service providers know that their customers entrust them with their sensitive data, that is why they design their systems with respect to the highest security. Multiple archive and backup systems automatically and regularly make backup copies of data and provide easy recovery.


Why Host Up?
Each night we make backup copies of your daily information and store it at various geographical locations. If an user deletes an email by accident - or even an entire mail folder - they can easily and at no charge restore it within 14 days. Host Up offers archiving of your data for up to five years.

7. Data storage and transmission security

Companies must spend tens of thousands of dollars today to independently implement adequte solutions to ensure the data protection level required by law. They can save this money by outsourcing data security and protection to a hosting company. The hosting companies integrate various security processes to protect data from physical hazards such as theft, overheating, power outages or fire, as well as IT hazards, including hacker attacks or attempts to breach data by unauthorised personnel.


Why Host Up?
Our data centres provide protection of your information from all physical and IT threats. We also protect your data when it is sent through cyberspace - our system guarantees the security level required by the US Department of Defense. Each connection is performed over an encrypted SSL protocol. We also conform to all ISO 27001 requirements in terms of data storage and transmission security.

8. Automatic software updates

Once a customer selects their hosting services, they do not need to worry about downloading and installing updates or security fixes. The systems they use are continuously updated.


Why Host Up?
We update our systems around the clock, so your services will always use the latest stable software versions. We are partners with the leading IT security companies, and we are able to provide the highest possible level of protection from the hazards of the Internet.

9. Access to data from anywhere

You can access your hosted applications in various ways. Such flexibility allows your employees to work more efficiently than they would if they had to use just one specific workstation and the specialised software assigned to it.


Why Host Up?
No matter where you go, we provide you with access to and management of your data from any computer or mobile device - you only need Internet access. The transmissions are always secure to minimise any data leaks.

10. Transparent terms and conditions

Good hosting companies make efforts to ensure that the terms of use of their services are clear to their customers, so that they know what they are choosing and paying for. This lets the hosting companies avoid those situations where customers are exposed to unpredicted costs or left alone during a failure.


Why Host Up?
Our terms an conditiona are without any obscure or dubious provisions. We do not want to tie you to our services with legal loopholes, but instead with the quality with which we render them. You can always clear up any doubts before you enter into an agreement.
We also precisely explain how our services are rendered and on what terms, as well as what we understand by our declarations of "reliability", "security" or "technical support".