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Exchange 2010: More than Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2003

Some of you have already had the opportunity to meet an Exchange e-mail server. Maybe you have used it at your company or purchased hosted Exchange services from a specialist company - it has been available in Poland for quite a few years. So now you may wonder "What's all that about Exchange at Host Up, we already got it, why a new business e-mail?"

The question would have been good if the Exchange software had not changed over the years. Microsoft laboratories do not sleep, continuing to improve their flagship e-mail system, to increase its security, efficiency and reliability and provide it with functions unavailable to the competition.

Host Up recognises the fact that offering you the latest and most advanced software versions is critical in a highly competitive hosting market. The e-mail system operated at Host Up is based on the latest Microsoft software, the Exchange 2010 server, the capabilities of which greatly exceed that offered by competitive hosted businesses using the older Exchange 2003 or 2007 versions. Choosing Exchange 2010 based mail will ensure uninterrupted business, easier system administration and operation, as well as low costs. These advantages will help you get that competitive edge in your industry.

What does Exchange 2010 offer?

  • Reliability through continuous replication technologies: automatic database replication and emergency switching of to up to 16 Exchange 2010 managed mailbox database replicas.
  • Minimised work obstruction when moving the mailboxes between servers: maintenance and repair work can be performed in business hours.
  • Protection of message loss en route caused by a failed routers: Exchange 2010 routes mail to an available channel.
  • Easy management over mail configuration - even for IT beginners: users can update contact information, track e-mail reception and make backup copies on their own.
  • The new access rights model: selected employees can be given special rights to perform specific tasks, e.g. control the contents of company mailboxes - without the need for issuing full administrative rights.
  • Unified access to mail for all clients, both desktop (Outlook for MS Windows or Enourage for MacOS X) and mobile (ActiveSync for Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android and Symbian and BlackBerry Enterprise Server for BlackBerry devices), as well as via a web browser (OWL interface for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari).
  • The mechanism of notifications for business partners about user availability for the effective scheduling of meetings.
  • Improved conversation interface to organise the navigation in the incoming box into threads.
  • The MailTips function, which displays information to prevent accidental e-mail sending (e.g. to prevent sending information labelled as confidential to outside recipients).
  • An integrated voicemail system which allows listening to messages, calendars and contact lists in the incoming boxes via any phone.
  • Centralised message archiving system, allowing administrators to control all archives and gives users the access to archived mail in the same fashion they would access regular incoming boxes.
  • Configurablef storage rules for specific mail elements and entire message classes for defined users, including instant prevention from deletion (if applicable by law).
  • Search engine for multiple mailboxes for company-wide search by authorised personnel.
  • Automatic encryption, moderation and blocking of messages depending on sender and recipient attributes.
  • Cooperation mechanisms for Active Directory, which allow the automatic application of message protection in accordance with the Information Rights Management to restrict access to the content being sent and its further use (e.g. forwarding block).
  • E-mail supervision system for managers to allow for blocking or allowing of specific messages.

What is more important, all these new Exchange 2010 functions are available to you at a competitive price, no more than the mail hosting costs for Exchange 2007 or 2003 and generally less. Why not use the best solutions on the market? Naturally, the choice is yours.