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Hosting? What is it?

Host Up is a hosting company. The word "hosting" may seem obscure - it has not been present in Polish for long. Let us explain what hosting is.

In the broad sense of the term, hosting includes all activities of storage and maintenance of files, software and data of customers on computer systems of the service provider, or a hosting company (sometimes the word 'hoster' is also used). Placing this data on the appropriately configured servers of the provider lets the customer use e-mail, appear on the Internet (by launching a website) or even remotely launch their business applications. All of this can be done without incurring the expenses related to the maintenance of your own server, Internet access or hiring of trained personnel.
That is why a hosting company is much like an electrical power company. In theory, every company could build its own power generators, and buy oil, coal or even uranium to generate the electricity for its technical infrastructure. But no one does that - we buy electrical power from specialised providers who have the highest competence in their line of business - they guarantee a continuous supply and their prices are much lower than those we would incur generating our own electrical power.
For example, one of our specialisations is business-class mailbox hosting with the use of the Microsoft Exchange server. Through having suitable server infrastructure in data centres in Poland and abroad, specialist software and the staff of competent experts in hosting technologies, Host Up is able to supply business communication needs for even the most demanding of SMEs. Our services include Service Level Agreements (SLA) to ensure a level of reliability much higher than what our customers are able to provide themselves. We can support their business communication processes with technological solutions otherwise available only to large enterprises - and avoid the costs of in-house servers, software and new employees.