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SPLA - renting is cheaper than buying

Every enterprise faces various market challenges which cannot be entirely forecasted despite even the most sophisticated of management processes. The investments made in enterprise software are costs - and enterprises usually spend more on the licenses than they really need. A change in the market, emergence of a new technology, company restructuring - all of which may lead to a situation where the company owner is left with IT tools which have suddenly become obsolete. Are these expenditures substantiated in such cases?

Fortunately there is a solution which can improve the flexibility of the licensing system for the software used by the company . Microsoft SPLAs (Services Provider License Agreement) let hosting companies lease the software and make it remotely available on their servers for their customers under a subscription schedule.

We do not need to encourage anyone concerning the benefits of this solution. Delivering business software as a service means you can avoid unnecessary costs - each month you pay a subscription fee that only includes those things your employees use. It is easy to change the number of licenses, allowing your company to keep up with market changes. When new versions of an application appear, acquiring them will not induce any extra costs - we simply implements them on our servers and make them accessible to you on the same terms as for previous versions.
However some companies find it more favourable to choose processor licenses. In this model you pay a fixed monthly fee for the software running on a dedicated server at the hosting company, accessible to a free number of users. Should any software become obsolete, you can naturally resign from the associated service.