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The limits and their impact on quality

Many e-mail service providers, including those dealing with enterprise class solutions which use Exchange servers, try to reinforce their market positions by advertising the virtually limitless capacities of their mailboxes. At the same time these companies claim to be able to provide uninterrupted access and service reliability at the highest level (with an SLA index of 99.95%).

Host Up assumes that our customers use e-mails to simply contact their friends and business partners - not to exchange copies of DVD movies. That is why we do not want to promise anyone we cannot deliver. The reliability of the services rendered is the most important in business, and reliability is possible only when we honestly analyze the technological barriers which set the levels of quality and accessibility.

No matter what computing power our servers will have or how many disk arrays we include, they will always be limited. A mailbox with unlimited space would load the processor infinitely. This means that in theory a single Exchange mail user could prevent all other users from accessing the service - as indexing the mailbox contents would consume too much server resources. What is more important is that in practice the major part of such redundant content would be archive resources and storing it as e-mails in local folders makes no sense - a compressed backup copy is where they belong.

We have decided to set up space limits for the mailboxes so that we can provide the highest possible availability of services without the need to resign from extended functionality of the mail server. By minimising the influence one user can have on an entire e-mail system, we can instead maximise its capabilities by offering a vast selection of functions performed by the excellent tandem efforts of Outlook and the Exchange server.

Since we realise that the needs of every customer are different, we offer a wide choice of hosted Exchange mailbox access schedules so that anyone can customise their business profile and the related traffic. Irrespective of the access schedule, you can rest assured that you will not be wasting your investment, backed up with the guarantee of uninterruptible operation and service reliability.