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Exchange mail vs. POP3 mail: Is business e-mail worth paying for?

Many enterprises consider e-mail as their basic tool of business communication. However many businessmen also believe that a simple POP3 mailbox from a free service provider is enough. We respect this choice, but at Host Up we can prove that you should expect or even need more from your e-mails.
That is why we encourage you to abandon your old mailboxes (from e.g. Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo) in favour of a Hosted Exchange solution, which is a system of business e-mail accounts created by Microsoft and hosted on our servers.

What will migrating to Exchange give me?

The benefits from migrating your business communication to Exchange servers include:

  • The sense of data security. All information is stored on reliable servers and the stystem of regular backups guarantee that no data is lost.
  • Mobile access to calendars, mail and contact list. The Push technology allow Exchange users to use business information and team work mechanisms even while travelling. It takes only a Windows Mobile smartphone, a BlackBerry device or an iPhone to enjoy access to current calendar information or contact lists. All changes are synchronised between desktop and cell phones.
  • Reliability of business deadlines. Sharing calendars with other Exchange users (even from other organisations) allows precise definition of meeting deadlines in a way which is beneficial to both parties, safe in the knowledge that all interested parties receive the necessary notifications.
  • Access via web clients. Outlook Web Access is the solution for those who want to access their business mail without having to install a dedicated client, such as when in an Internet cafe. The web interface accessed through a web browser give all the potential of a locally installed Outlook client.
  • Full security. The Exchange server has been designed to ensure complete security of operation. Connection blocking, message filtering, automatic logout of Outlook Web Access, attachment blocking, built-in anti-virus solutions - these are just a few of the security offered by this Microsoft package.




Why choose Microsoft Exchange at Host Up?

Only a few years ago Microsoft Exchange was available only to large enterprises which could afford to deploy the in-house server infrastructure and hire the requisite administrators. But with the Hosted Exchange solution anyone can benefit from the Microsoft business mail without costly investments into hardware, software and personnel.
With just a small monthly fee you have access to our Exchange servers dedicated to your organisation's use and deployed in our secure data centre, administered by experienced professionals. The solution comes with the guaranteed Service Level Agreement and without additional costs - it is readily available and does not require lengthy implementation.