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Is it really the time to move my e-mail to a hosted platform?

Implementation of in-house e-mail systems is a typical approach exercised in many companies. However, it has its limitations. The costs in terms of investment in software, server infrastructure and personnel training can kill the company budget. It is also difficult to meet the requirement of continuous security system improvements to protect users from such threats as spam or malware.

Let us not forget about the increasing costs of maintaining conformity with current data storage regulations and investing into solutions for mobile access.
Before you decide to deploy your enterprise e-mail system, try to answer these critical questions:
  • How important is the e-mail service for your business operations?
  • How heavily do the tasks of your employees depend on e-mails?
  • Is the in-house e-mail system management the best way to use your human resources?*
  • Do you really know the total cost of servicing your own e-mail?
  • Is the downtime of your e-mail availability close to zero? What is the real cost of such downtimes?
  • Does an in-house e-mail management offer you any real advantages?
If you think about these questions and feel that something is not right, try a different approach. Outsourcing hosting services is a rational and effective approach which can protect your valuable resources. Contact us to discuss with one of our experts about moving your e-mail system to Host Up:
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  • call us at +48 (0) 801 080 532.

* A survey carried out by Osterman Research in 2007 revealed that the personnel constitutes 2/3 of the costs generated by IT departments at small and medium enterprises.