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Service Level Agreement - the guarantee of service quality

Anyone can say that their company offers services of highest quality and reliability. But you need more for your business. Even a few minutes of lost access to e-mails or hosted mission-critical services could mean severe losses.

However, even the best have problems. In case of an unforeseen failure or unscheduled downtimes, the managers of those companies which simply declare to provide "the highest quality of services" at best just shrug and send you an e-mail with apologies. Host Up cannot afford that approach. We understand how important the hosting-critical uninterrupted server performance is and that it translates into reliability of services.

This is why, if you become our customer, we enter into a special agreement with you. It is called a Service Level Agreement (SLA), and holds us liable for the availability level of the services we render. The service availability level is given as a percentage value in the hosting business. The higher it is, the more reliable the service. But what do these percentage values mean in real life? The answer can be found in the table below:


 90%  36,5 days  72 h  16,8 h
 95%  18,25 days  36 h  8,4 h
 98%  7,30 days  14,4 h  3,36 h
 99%  3,65 days  7,2 h  1,68 h
 99,5%  1,83 days  3,60 h  50,4 mins
 99,8%  17,52 h  86,23 mins  20,16 mins
 99,9%  8,76 h  43,2 mins  10,1 mins


As you can see, even a guarantee of 95% SLA means that the hosting company would have the right to over 8 hours of downtime per week. Host Up thinks that anything below 99.5% is unacceptable for business customers, which is why our SLAs offer at least that, with the option of raising the bar up to 99.9%. This means that the maximum permissible service interruption is just 10 minutes per week!

The guarantee based on a SLA having two sides - on the one hand you are confident that the declarations of the hosting company are not empty words; on the other, you know you will be refunded damages if the hosting provider fails to maintain the guaranteed service quality.