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Changing your provider: what should I pay attention to?

Whether you decide to outsource your enterprise IT infrastructure for the first time or you have already used services of hosting providers, you should realise that the solutions available on the market differ in quality, and a high price does not necessarily mean reliability and performance.

The differences in the quality of hosting services primarily result from the technical and financial policies used by various providers and there is no precise formula to determine what ensures the highest level of reliability and performance. However, there are some issues you should pay attention to when you choose your provider. Seeing to them will ensure that you will remain long with your hosting company and not look for another provider and hence incurring costs of downtimes and migration.
We advise you to analyse the following issues when choosing the right hosting provider for your company:

The infrastructure which guarantees reliability

Host Up offers one of the best and most technologically advanced cluster data storage infrastructures - SAN (Storage Area Network). We have eliminated single failure points and limited downtime risks. This translates into the highest reliability we guarantee with a SLA of 99.9%.

Real high availability guarantees

As we said before, Host Up guarantees a SLA of 99.9%. You can verify this at any given moment with the online reports, which are available to all of our customers. We guarantee you failure-free performance exceeding the industry's e-mail hosting standards. We do not make up excuses or justifications. We simply do what we can to make the systems you use operate like they should.

A safe data centres

The data centres we use are not simple server rooms, but full-fledged secure data centres which provide protection from physical and IT threats, operate within a restrictive access policy, feature redundant power supply and cooling systems, equipped with multiple Internet connections offered by various independent providers. We use such centres to protect data from all threats by using the latest authentication, tracking and monitoring solutions

The technical support which never sleeps on the job

Data security is not the same as proper management of the infrastructure used to host data storage services. In choosing Host Up you can remain confident that the mission critical IT services you entrust us with function flawlessly. This is because they are the responsibility of a qualified Technical Guardian and the Host Up Operations Centre with our highly qualified engineers and technicians, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

The Technical Guardians continuously work to improve their qualifications and earn certificates in the latest technologies. Most of them have at least five years of professional experience. Your Technical Guardian is also responsible for modifying your range or services or selecting new functions. Should you have any problems with your e-mail or any other hosted service, they will be the one to cooperate with the Host Up administrators to bring your services back on line as fast as possible.

Cooperation with providers having the most advanced technologies

Host Up employs the services of the best providers of the solutions we offer. Among the companies we work with are Research in Motion (BlackBerry), Symantec, Cisco, HP, Dell, IBM, EMC 2 and Microsoft. We maintain the best relations with these providers and invest in continuous development of these relations to acquire the best services and instant reaction on their part should technical problems emerge.

No wonder then why we offer the best technical support. We simply get the best.

Easy migration of data and services

Moving the IT services maintained at your company on the Host Up platforms will be carried out by a staff of experienced engineers who have extensive experience in different types of migration - from small to large and from various platforms. They will work closely with your Technical Guardian during the migration process.

Most of our customers migrated to Host Up because they were tired with poor service, downtimes and unstable services at other hosting companies. We realise that you cannot afford any downtimes, that is why we ensure uninterrupted performance of services during migrations and guarantee that no data will be lost.

To this end, the professional staff of Host Up uses the best e-mail data migration practices. Combining these with specialised migration tools allows Host Up to move e-mal systems 20% faster than indicated by industry standards. Moreover, if need be, we can develop non-standard tools and processes to further improve data migration.

Responsible change management

Company employees fear change, since change can be seen to cause them problems. However at Host Up, which operates in the most dynamic area of IT, changes are commonplace. We have learned to handle them so well that they are invisible to our customers.

This is why we can easily introduce changes to your mission-critical services, whether you switch from a different hosting provider or abandon the services running on your own server infrastructure. We understand how enterprises see changes, because we continuously improve, update and extend our services.

We are careful and vigilant: all changes are verified in our test environment before they are implemented for the customers. All of it is proven, planned and controlled to avoid causing you any negative effects.