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Advanced protection against spam, malware and phising: Exchange hosted at

The less you are engaged with the security of your IT systems, the more time you can dedicate to what is the most important: your business.

That is why we offer you our advanced protection mechanisms. Our professionals at Host Up use tools from the top specialists in IT security to remove daily problems related to spam, viruses, worms, trojans and all other forms of hazard in the modern Internet.

The most demanding customers can match the Exchange service with our optional Premium-class protection against spam and malware. It provides complete security of the internal network. This solution protects the e-mails with the use of proven anti-spam filters, leading antivirus engines and e-mail attachment filtering.

Advanced spam blocking

The anti-spam mechanism we offer eliminates over 99% of spam and reduces spam-related costs by 90%. Its major features include:

  • Multi-level anti-spam technology with constant updates, blocking even the latest of threats;
  • Multi-language filters to remove spam in virtually any language;
  • Anti-spam filter updates every 5 minutes;
  • Easy-to-use setup of the anti-spam system.

Multi-layer malware protection

You can additionally protect your e-mails at Host Up with an advanced protection system. This extensive anti-virus protection system eliminates threats and costs related to virus removal, reduces bandwidth usage and the use of mailbox space. The major features of our system include:

  • Triple scanning with various antivirus engines to detect viruses, trojans, worms and other threats;
  • Constant update of anti-virus engines to stop all threats before they reach your network;
  • Updates of the virus definition base every 5 minutes;
  • Secure external anti-virus scanning and quarantined file management;

Protection of the company network and individual users.

Mail filtering

Host Up offers you the filtering of all incoming e-mails (and their attachments), which limits the bandwidth usage and avoids overfilling mailboxes with dangerously large attachments. This also reduces the risk of future attacks of spammers by blocking spam addresses and thus increases the work efficiency of the employees.

The filtering functions also allow to control the distribution of restricted information and reduce liabilities related to the potential distribution of improper content.
The major features of our system include:
  • Content filtering with keywords or phrases;
  • Attachment filtering by size and type;
  • Blocking spam sites;
  • Outgoing mail filtering.

Phishing protection

Phising (which is a process of attempting to acquire sensitive information) is a huge problem for all companies, no matter how big or small they are. Host Up offers you the tools to protect yourself from such fraudulent activities, significantly reducing the risk of identity thefts and their consequences. That is why they also increase the security of company information and limit the liability for false e-mails.

The major features of our system include:
  • Anti-phishing techniques designed to minimise the risk of deception;
  • Integrated dynamic e-mail protection for filtering out attempts to defraud the company;
  • Intelligent filtering to detect rare types of fraud;
  • Update of anti-phising filters every 5 minutes;
  • Outgoing mail filtering