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Why Host Up?

There are many hosting providers on the market. They compete for customers by getting into a bragging match about who has the better parameters - mailbox capacities, network bandwidth traffic package, the number of operable databases and, of course, the pricing. We think that this way of attracting new customers has no future. It is stuck in the 1990s and does not account for the fact that nowadays hosting is used by people who treat IT tools as a means, not an end itself.

Host Up does not offer abstract account parameters - we offer comprehensive services that give real solutions to the needs of business customers. These services are complemented by realistic service performance guarantees - and all of it comes for the lowest prices on the market.
It would be trite to say that we are the best in business. Anyone can say so. If you still wonder whether it is worth considering our offer, see the list of our advantages:

We offer the lowest prices in the industry

The highest quality level of our services comes with the lowest price. The least expensive business mailbox at the Exchange server is available for just $14 per month and will let you enjoy  the Microsoft Outlook license.

We conform to the highest data security standard: SAS 70 Type II

Only a handful of US hosting providers can match us in terms of data security guarantees we provide and the quality of procedures which enable data security. SAS 70 Type II certification for Host Up with respect to the above means that our process of risk management, continuous operation, information confidentiality incidents, data access control for employees and physical hardware safety allow us to eliminate external threats (burglary, natural disasters) and internal threats (data integrity loss, theft of data by unauthorised parties).

As the part of our data security management system, we have introduced multiple replication of the databases into various physical locations, a multi-level system of network firewalls and anti-virus protection, as well as full infrastructure monitoring of all threats. We have done all of this to be sure that the data of our customers are never violated.

We offer the most advanced forms of technical support

Host Up never leaves its customers alone with their problems. Our technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via a number of channels (including phone and an Internet chat). You will never get an e-mail from us with an enigmatic "We shall respond soon" - you will talk with a competent Host Up employee, not a machine which issues template answers within a predefined scenario.

However you will not need to report any problems with our services. We will solve any potential issues before you notice them. The scrutinised monitoring of availability and performance of our services allows us to detect errors before the customers suffer from them. This lets the technical support concentrate on responding to your inquiries and not just receiving your fault reports.

We provide the best hosting solutions on the market

When you need electricity for your business, do you really think about deploying your own power generators or do you simply buy power from the power company? Using the business-recognised Microsoft server platform, its communication technologies and group work tools, we are able to provide our customers with a comprehensive and cost-effective alternative to building in-house IT structures.

Fully functional services of business e-mail based on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, unified communication systems, group work platforms built on Office SharePoint Server, hosting of Microsoft Office, Visio and Project applications, as well as custom solutions - you can get all of it at a fraction of the costs of individual implementation of in-house server infrastructure. This is also complemented by our Service Level Agreement to ensure that all claims about the reliability of our services are not just empty words.

You will find the largest Exchange mailboxes in our offer

We already said that we do not participate in a bragging match about abstract parameters, we rather provide better quality and wider complexity of services; however we do realise that size does matter to some customers. We offer Exchange server based mailboxes with a capacity up to 25 GB (note that the competition offers 5 GB mailboxes), which should meet all demands for electronic communication.

The top IT companies are our partners

We are the Gold Partner of Microsoft, hardware partner of Hewlett-Packard, Dell and IBM and we also participate in the BlackBerry Alliance Partner program and the Insight software licensing program.


We enjoy the most unique brand

Our symbol is the boomerang. It is an unique weapon of native Australian hunters, which was developed only by careful observation of the world and the laws which govern it. To us, the boomerang is an example of unlimited ingenuity of the human mind - an object with minimises resistance, used effortlessly and in full harmony - just in the way our customers expect from us. The legendary property of the boomerang is that ,hen aptly thrown, it always returns to the hand of the hunter. That is why we expect that you will be always coming back as our customers, and you will be sure that we are always ahead of the competition, always aware of your needs and always available for an affordable price.

All great things are created through passion. Rest assure that Host Up has it in ample supply!