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Host Up partners for hosting technologies

Host Up enjoys many technical partners who are the leaders in the IT industry and the solutions of which allow providing you with business quality e-mail and unified communication services. Here are the most important ones:



Microsoft needs no special introduction: it is the world leader in the production of software, the creator of the Windows family systems, the Office suite or the SharePoint group work platform. Business entities around the globe recognise Microsoft's solutions as reliable, safe and efficient; that is why they have become standard for all types of organisations.
Host Up is a Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft. This represent the highest level of partnership with the producer of the Windows system. The Gold Certified Partner status proves that we hire experts in Microsoft technologies, conform to the highest requirements of Microsoft knowledge and meet the highest customer service standards.
We offer a wide selection of Microsoft's technologies, including the Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system, the Hyper V virtualisation environment, the MySQL database system, the Exchange Server 2010 for e-mail servers and Office Communications Server 2007 for unified communication. 


Research in Motion

Research in Motion is the world leader in the manufacture of mobile devices and communication software, the creator of one of the most recognised smartphone brands - BlackBerry. In 2009 Fortune magazine recognised Research in Motion as the fastest developing company in the world.

Host up is a member of BlackBerry Alliance Program. This partnership with Research in Motion gives us access to the tools and knowledge related to BlackBerry technologies. It also certifies our competences in hosing and distribution of their solutions.
Among the things we offer is the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, a software suite for full integration of BlackBerry smartphones with the Exchange mailbox.



Insight is the largest North America license provider for SPLA software.SPLA allows hosting companies to offer their customers virtually any software - both business and highly specialised, in the form of a hosted service payable only for the duration of its actual use.

Host Up is a partner of Insight. This guarantees that our licensing policies are the most cost-effective. It provides us with access to software at prices at the lowest level in the market. This is the partnership agreement which allows us to offer you the access to the software of top producers at incredibly competitive prices.




The global leader in sever hardware and software, IBM helps its partners to build innovative solutions which allow customers from around the world and various industries to get real business advantages.

The partnership of Host Up and IBM lets us use an extensive, specific solution-oriented portfolio of products which relate to key issues of our business - data security and processing efficiency. This in turn allows us to offer your the services of the highest quality and at attractive prices.





HP is the world's largest supplier of x86 and x64 server platforms, a renowned data centre management software provider and the leader in IT solutions for SMEs and large corporations. It offers its partners access to relevant knowledge and skills which allow them to maintain the reliability and performance of IT infrastructures.

The partnership of Host Up and HP certifies that our company has the highest competences in server technologies, which translates into our range of reliable and high-performance services at attractive prices to help you gain the competitive edge.





Dell is one of the world's largest producers of x86 and x64 servers, network devices and storage solutions, which actively operates in the development of private cloud computing and is renowned for its extremely competitive prices.

Host Up is a partner of Dell. This agreement provides us with access to hardware solutions which ensure reliable and efficient launching of our hosting services at prices attractive not only to large enterprises, but also to small business units.